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Course Details

Active Shooter Incident Management
NTED Course Number PER-352
Length 16.00 hours
Delivery Mobile (Non-Resident)
Level Performance
Continuing Education Credits 1.60
The Active Shooter Incident Management (ASIM) course provides a model framework to improve incident management and the integration of law enforcement, fire and EMS responders during active shooter event response, improving time to threat neutralization, medical intervention, and survivability of victims. This is an integrated response course for a cross-discipline audience of 25 law enforcement, 20 fire/EMS, and 5 telecommunicator (dispatcher) participants of mixed rank (i.e. line through supervisors and leadership). The framework utilizes the Active Shooter Incident Management ChecklistT, a validated active shooter event response checklist, integrating best practices guided by principles of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC), and Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response (ALERRT). Participants will learn organizational building blocks for an integrated response including Contact Team, Rescue Task Force, Tactical, Perimeter, Triage, Transport, Intelligence, and Reunification through progressively challenging full-length Active Shooter Event functional exercise scenarios and hands-on experience in multiple response roles. The course also introduces participants to Complex Coordinated Attacks (CCA).
1. Describe the profile of a typical Active Shooter Event and practice the model response process using the Active Shooter Incident Management ChecklistT.
2. Apply key leadership roles and functions within an Active Shooter Event (ASE) response.
3. Demonstrate response and management of Basic Complexity and Moderate Complexity Active Shooter Events in simulation-based practical exercises.
4. Demonstrate response and management of Complex Coordinated Attacks (CCA) in simulation-based practical exercises.
NTED Prerequisites
Other Prerequisites
FEMA IS-100 and IS-200 are required for certified law enforcement, fire, and EMS participants and recommended for telecommunicators (but not required). A mixed-discipline instructor cadre is trained to coach participants to success regardless of rank and experience level.
Target Audience
Emergency Management, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Service, Law Enforcement, Public Safety Communications, Search and Rescue
Mission Areas and Core Capabilities
Respond   -  Operational Coordination
Prevent   -  Intelligence and Information Sharing
Protect   -  Intelligence and Information Sharing
Respond   -  On-Scene Security and Protection
Respond   -  Operational Communications
Respond   -  Public Health and Medical Services
Training Certificate
Training Partner's Certificate of Completion
Contact Information
PER-352 Active Shooter Incident Management (16 hour)
Bill Godfrey
407-490-1300 Ext 463

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